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  • What should be noticed when use a forehead thermometer?

    A: When people or the forehead thermometer get in and out from two place with obvious temperature difference, it required 15 to 20 minutes to acclimate the new environment before measuring.

    B: At least 30 minutes rest after exercise, bath, or a meal.

    C: It is better to have some rest after cold compress or other way to cool down forehead,otherwise there will be deviation of measurement results.

    D: Please use this machine under a stable environment. Air humidity is better below 85%.

    E: Body temperature would performs fluctuations larger during the initial stage of fever or after drugs.So it is better to have temperature measurements with high frequency.

  • Why does thermometer screen display in red?

    There are two conditions when screen displays red:1.screen displays red when turned on 2: screen displays red during measuring.

    Following situation will cause the screen display red when turned on:

    A: when the environment temperature is lower than 5℃, thermometer will display in red while turned on. (In this case,the thermometer should be moved to ambience with temperature higher than 5℃, and the measurement shall be took after the thermometer screen back to normal)

    Following situation will cause the screen display red during measuring:

    A: Body model: measured temperature below 34℃.

    B: Object mode: measured temperature below 0℃.

  • What’s the difference between object mode and body mode of the thermometer?

    There are two temperature modes of this type: human body mode and object mode. Human body mode is mainly used for measuring temperature of forehead or other  surface skin and object mode is mainly used for measuring ambient temperature, air temperature, the temperature of bath water, milk temperature,etc.

  • What method can prove digital BP monitor and mercury sphygmomanometer are the same accuracy?

    Connect these two kinds devices with a three-way pipe, and measure blood pressure of the same position.

  • What after-sales service do you provide?

    We JIACOM committee to Two-year Warranty, life-long maintenance of after-sales service policy.Within the product warranty period, if there are any quality problems cause by unartificial damaged and can not be repaired, we would help in replacement of the new machine(According to the specific situation).

  • Why does the values measured at home differs from the measurement in hospital?

    There is a called "white coat hypertension" in clinical medicine, also known as "Ambulatory hypertension", which means that some people will have a higher values when measuring blood pressure in the consulting room, but have normal values when they returned to their homes and measure blood pressure or monitor 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure (with patients’ own blood pressure monitor with any medical personnel by side). This is because patients become nerves when they see the white coat doctor, and blood catecholamine will appear to accelerate the heartbeat, and also make some vasoconstriction, increased peripheral resistance, and in a result, leads to increased blood pressure. That’s the reason there are certain differences in the measurement at home and measurement in the hospital.

  • What is the difference between digital blood pressure monitor and mercury sphygmomanometer?

    Digital blood pressure monitor is a medical equipment applies modern electronic technology and the indirect measurement principle. It works with acquiring pulse signal by a measuring sensor,and measures systolic and diastolic pressure.It features with high sensitivity and simple operation and can not be easily influenced by eternal factors.Fully automatic blood pressure monitor would be better for household for its convenience and fast measurement.

    Mercury sphygmomanometer works with the doctor use a stethoscope to listen to the sound when blood  passes through the blood vessels to form a vortex and observe the mercury scale changes to gain the measurement result. But the mercury sphygmomanometer is susceptible to the interference of external factors, including the unit scale is not the same (or even 5mmHg as the smallest unit), differences in hearing and vision of doctors, bubble or breakage of mercury column, leakage, zero misalignment, mercury Oxidation leads to the pipe wall fuzzy or even air vent and so on, which leads to the change of the measured value. It requires professional medical personnel to carry out the operation, it is not convenient to use.

  • Why does measurement results of the wrist type fluctuate more than the arm type?

    That’s because blood vessel of the wrist is fine, and arm blood vessels are more rough. Measuring position of our arms is close to the horizontal position of our hearts, so generally speaking, measuring results of arm types are closer to the real blood pressure and more stable than that of the wrist types. In order to get a more objective measuring result, arm types are large recommended.But of course wrist types are easier to use.

  • What kind of people are suitable to use digital blood pressure monitor?

    For commonly used digital blood pressure monitor (including mercury sphygmomanometer), the way to measure is indirect method (or noninvasive measurement, which is relative to invasive measurement). compared with the direct measurement method, there is a certain error.

    Indirect measurement method is not suitable for people who’s  blood pressure is too low or too high, especially for the bleeding patients, because the blood pressure is very low. Doctors may have wrong judgments for more than 40% deviation may caused by indirect measurement.

    In addition, wrist type digital blood pressure monitor are not recommended for old people, because of their high blood pressure and high blood viscosity. Measured result of using wrist type devices will be reduced a lot with comparison to the pressure pumped by the heart. The result will be ineffective.So it is better to use arm type blood pressure monitor for the old people.

    What’s more, for those old people with  partial high angiosclerosis or severe vascular contraction which cause faint pulse signal and those fat people with thick epidermal fat,digital blood pressure monitors are not recommended.Because it is difficult to block-up bloodstream and that will leads to measuring failure. Those people can measure their blood pressure under the guidance of doctors with a mercury sphygmomanometer or invasive measurement methods.

    According to a large number of clinical research results,about 5% people do not fit with the indirect method (non-invasive method) to measure blood pressure. For those people,it is better to go to the hospital and measure blood pressure under the guidance of doctors by using invasive method. plus or minus 1.3 centimeters deviation of the vertical height of the heart when measuring blood pressure with a digital blood pressure monitor or a mercury sphygmomanometer will leads to error values of plus or minus 1 mm Hg.

  • .Why does two close measurement results show differently ?

    On the basic of the physiological characteristics and changes that up to 100 thousands times in blood pressure during a day, the probability to have exactly two same values is very low.The blood pressure constantly keeps changing even in sleeping. In addition, blood pressure does not stand  the same in different time of a day, and the change is random irregular,which cause the different results of two time closed measuring values. And this is clinical common cognition.

  • Is digital blood pressure monitor really accurate?

    The principle applied in digital blood pressure monitor is oscillography which is accurate. The clinical validation of digital blood pressure monitor is standardized by auscultation , designed by statistical methods. But this does not mean that the measuring results by using a mercury sphygmomanometer that applied auscultation are more accurate than digital blood pressure monitor.

    What’s more, opinions of  measurement results of a mercury sphygmomanometer are more accurate than results of digital blood pressure monitor is relatively one-sided. (Previously widely used of mercury sphygmomanometer leads consumers to be used to believe that Mercury is more accurate. In fact, methods of using a mercury sphygmomanometer is more complicated than a digital one, and they must be used under the guidance of professional doctors with eternal effects comprised of doctors’ vision, hearing, speed of response, usage, error of the mercury sphygmomanometer itself, clarity of scale wall of the device and the air tightness of the sphygmomanometer. That’s because the mercury sphygmomanometer is only a pressure gauge , the key lies in the doctor’s  auscultation by using a stethoscope.

    Nowadays, developed countries in the world gradually prohibit using mercury sphygmomanometers, and popularize the higher precision digital blood pressure gauge (table). With the enhancement of public awareness of environmental protection, mercury sphygmomanometer will gradually be eliminated from the market (Europe have prohibited all mercury sphygmomanometers), digital blood pressure monitor instead is a kind of inevitable trend.