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Related Job to Improve 2016-2017 Medical Quality--Notice from National Health and Family Planning Commission Office

Source:   Time:2016-07-27


[Industry News丨National Health and Family Planning Commission] Related Job to Improve 2016-2017  Medical Quality--Notice from National Health and Family Planning Commission Office Health and Family

Planning Commission of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the Corps Health Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction:

To further enhance medical quality, ensure medical safety, safeguard the rights and interests of public health, according to 2016 arrangements health and family planning commission  and  relevant requirements of“ Notice on Issued to Further Improve the Medical Services Action Plan” (National Health and Medical approved [2015] No. 2) , main job on related requirements in enhancing 2016-2017  medical quality are hereby notified as follows.

1. Main work

(1) To further improve the medical quality management and control system, strengthen the key professional medical quality management and control,the professional quality control organization system should be further strengthen.Taking pathology, inspection, image, nosocomial infection, medical records and other professional as the focal point, quality management and control shall be enhanced.

(2) Medical quality continuous management should be strengthened during disease classification diagnosis and treatment process. The provincial health family planning administrative departments should guide medical institutions in accordance with the grading system of diagnosis and treatment comprised with primary diagnosis first, two-way referral,acute and chronic treatment, linkage hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. Focusing on hypertension, diabetes and other chronic non-communicable diseases, strengthening the management of medical quality with "patients as the center, disease as the chain".

(3) To strengthen quality management and cost effectiveness ratio control on the major diseases and medical technology.Combined with the actual situation in the area, take diseases with incidence rate, high mortality, heavier burden cost and related medical technology as a starting point, related departments should further standardize the clinical diagnosis and treatment behavior, improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment, strengthen cost accounting, control process, details management and quantitative analysis, constantly optimize the cost-effectiveness ratio.

(4) To strengthen the fine management of the quality of day surgery. The provincial health and family planning administrative departments should guide medical institutions to strengthen the quality of the day operation of fine management so as to protect the rights and interests of patients.

(5) To improve the level of medical quality and safety of county hospitals and private hospitals.To strengthen the supervision and management of medical quality and safety with the focus on public hospitals and private hospitals at county level.

2.Work Requirements

(1)To strengthen the organization and leadership. In the basis of the relevant requirements of this notice, each area should formulate the specific implemented plan, to further clarify the mission objectives.

(2) To pay attention to working methods. To carry out research in grass-roots level, to be conscious of the existing problems and promptly solve them in the work and sum up experience.

(3) To pay attention to propaganda and public opinion. At all levels of health administrative departments and medical institutions should strengthen excavation of the advanced experience of the improvement of medical quality.The outstanding cases should be published in medical industry or public. Highlights and typical case founded in the work should promptly report to the commission. Some will be I appointed will be nationwide extended according to the commission’s decision.

Contact Person: Medical Affairs Authority Yongliang Cui, Xudong Ma

Tel: 010-68792769,68791876

Fax: 010-68792067


Source: National Health and Family Planning Commission Office