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NHFPC of China Release the Three Years(2015-2017) Scheme of Promoting Health Communication in “ The Belt and Road ”

Source:   Time:2016-09-28


National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China Release the Three Years(2015-2017) Scheme of Promoting Health Communication in “ The Belt and Road ”

The construction of "Silk Road Economic Belt"  and "Maritime Silk Road in 21th Century" (hereinafter referred to as "The Belt and Road") is the major strategic decision made by Party Central Committee and the Council. In order to create a new pattern of all-round opening for China, promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, it is of great significance to promote the peaceful development of the world. The following implementation of the program was set to promote the "The Belt and Road”, to adhere to economic cooperation and jointly promote cultural exchanges, to furtherance interflow and cooperation between national health field along the road and China.

1. Significance

To promote "The Belt and Road" health communication and cooperation is the important guarantee for safeguarding national security and promoting economic and social development for China and the countries along the line. Health is the core of development and one of the important brace to promote sustainable economic development.

To promote health communication and cooperation lays a solid foundation for the  implementation of "The Belt and Road" . As an important indicator of social development level , Public health care is the livelihood issue which national governments focus on .

To promote "The Belt and Road" health communication and cooperation is an important opportunity to advance healthy estate development and industrial transformation. With the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" , the promotion of the health communication and cooperation and deepened   cooperation of industries and trade services in countries along the line will further provide a good opportunity for the development and transformation of the health industry in China.

2. General Ideas, Strategic Objectives and Principles of Cooperation

1) General Ideas

According to the overall deployment of Central Committee on promoting "The Belt and Road", closely focusing on the main responsibility in“division of the program concerning on implementing the important policy initiatives --‘the Strategic Plan of Constructing The Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road’ and the specific task in“Three Year (2015-2017) Rolling Plan of Promoting Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21th Century Maritime Silk Road”, the flag of peace, development, cooperation and win-win banner will be took, the comprehensive and sincere peripheral diplomatic philosophy will be actively practiced. To strengthen all-round external health cooperation as the theme, to evaluate the overall level of public health of China and countries along the line as the masterstroke, we adhere to the core values in peaceful cooperation, exoteric  comprehensive, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win banner.

Upholding the premise of co-operations, co-builds and win-wins, focusing on neighboring countries with foundation of the bilateral cooperation mechanism, we should create a new mode of cooperation, promote practical cooperation, in order to advance the development of health service of China and the countries along the line , to build  a "healthy Silk Road", to make the due contribution and provide strong support for the construction of "The Belt and Road”.

2) Strategic Objectives

Short-term goals: 1-3 years, the strategic and practical scheme of cooperation in health of “The Belt and Road”shall be formulated.  With a broad consensus along with relevant countries, health cooperation mechanism of "The Belt and Road" shall be initial established during early estate.

Medium-term goals: 3-5 years, with the neighboring countries and key countries as the foundation, the country's health cooperation network oriented along the country shall be initially formed, the cooperation mechanism shall further consolidate.

Forward goals: 5-10 years, the key areas of cooperation projects shall achieve remarkable results to benefit the people of all countries. A new round of cooperation projects shall take shape.

3) Principles of Cooperation

Central and local governments joint efforts combined to integrate the activities and implementation plans executed by central government and program activities executed by province, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the provinces (municipality, area), to guide local areas exert subjective initiative, to carry out health cooperation with countries along the Road .

3. Key Fields of Cooperation

1) Cooperation Mechanism Construction

Strengthening visits of senior health fields between the along countries to achieve health cooperation agreement with along countries, especially neighboring countries.

2) Infectious Disease Prevention and Control

Gradually establish information communication mechanism with neighbors and along countries against the common and sudden onset of acute infectious disease , strengthen cross-border diseases prevention and control mechanism companion with neighboring countries.

3) Ability Construction and Personnel Training

Strengthen professional health talents training cooperation with the nations along the line, to help countries along the line to improve public health management and disease prevention and control capabilities.

4) Health Emergency and Emergency Medical Assistance

Actively promote exchanges and cooperation with the along country in the field of health emergencies, improve cooperation with neighboring countries and countries along the road against ability dealing with public health emergencies, to carry out joint health emergency drills.

5)Traditional Chinese Medicine

Consolidate and expand cooperation in the field of traditional medicine with along countries, actively promote the "going out" of Chinese medicine. According to the  characteristics of along countries traditional medicines and ethnomedicine, to carry out cooperation against fields of TCM medical, education, research and industry.

6)  Health System and Policy

Promote the establishment of a long-term cooperative mechanism with the along national health system and policy communication, enhance comprehension and communication with the along countries against public health scope, the reform of the medical and health system, health legal system construction, health law enforcement and supervision, health promotion, population and development, family development and the aging problem. Spread the idea of Chinese sanitary development.

7) Health Development Aid

Based on the fully investigation of health needs in the along countries, provide various forms of medical assistance to some less developed countries or regions, dispatch the Chinese government medical team. With the form of combination of short and long term, the action can be started first from bordering countries  and gradually expand to the along country.

8) Health Industry Development

Exerting the efforts of the government's macroscopic readjustment and control and guiding role, encourage conditional area to develop medical tourism and health care services. Promoting the effective convergence of medical service and the neighboring countries medical insurance, and establishing cross-border remote medical service network with neighboring countries, achieving high-quality medical resources sharing.