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Website Statement 

Welcome to visit and use JIACOM technology website. JIACOM Technology reminds you: In order to ensure your information security and website property rights better, before browse or use the various services provided by JIACOM Technology website, please carefully read and understand this statement. All users whoever browsing this website and the relevant webpage, means you accept the following provisions, Shenzhen JIACOM Technology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "JIACOM Technology") reserves the rights to change these provisions. You are not allowed to upload, distribute or disseminate any information by our website including defamation, filthy language, obscene words and pictures or any other material and information that contains any illegal or damage to the interests of other people. This website declares that there are a number of language versions, if ther is any conflict between each language version, please take the Chinese version as the standard.

1. Disclaimers

1). This website provides any data and information for reference only, JIACOM Technology is not take any responsibility for loss that because of all the information or partial content on this website produced or cased by dependent on the information, you must be responsible for your own decided behavior .

2). JIACOM Technology is not make any statement, warranty or endorsement of any product, service or information provided on this website, all sales of products and services shall be subject to the company's sales contract and the relevant terms.

3). Internet transmission may be subject to interference, appears interruption, delayed or data error and other phenomenon. For non JIACOM Technology can control the situation (including but not limited to communication facilities fault) may cause data is not accurate or not timely, JIACOM Technology does not undertake any responsibility.

4). You through other sites' links into visit the site may exist risk of login fake JIACOM Technology website, please use the safety way to (such as in the address bar of the browser type website address or click the recorded favorites the correct URL) access to the site.

5). Local laws may have imposed restrictions on the limitation of liability and exemption from liability, in this case, should be subject to such force of law. If you access this site from locations outside of China, it is your responsibility to comply with all your local laws.

2. Intellectual property statement

1). For this website, JIACOM Technology owned or together with the partners have all the intellectual property rights, and protected by the relevant intellectual property law.For the works on this website that the copyright belongs to JIACOM Technology, if you need to quote, excerpts, reproduce or used in any other way must obtain written permission of JIACOM Technology, and excerpt or quoted should ensure that the true meaning of the original text is reflected, and indicate the source and sign the copyright belong to JIACOM Technology when in use.For any violation of the relevant laws and regulations of the state, does not comply with the statement on this website, without the consent of the website, and the behavior of unauthorized use of the contents of this website but does not indicate the source, JIACOM Technology reserves the right to take legal action to pursue its responsibilities.

2).All trademarks, logo and service mark used and indicated on the site are belongs to JIACOM Technology or based on its license, protected by law.You may not modify, copy, or otherwise use the above trademark, logo without permission. Any behavior that attempt to downplay or vilify the above trademarks and logo is illegal, JIACOM Technology reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

3. Quote excerpts reproduce statement

1). This part of the content of this website is provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals, and the copyright of these content is the corresponding provider. This website quoted, extracted or reproduced in these contents have access to the copyright holder's permission. This website quoted, extracted or reproduced in the above content only for visitors to communication or reference, the ideas or information in this paper has nothing to do with JIACOM Technology.

2). If you want to use the content contained in this site that provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals, please contact the copyright owner directly, any affairs and legal responsibilities related to had nothing to do with JIACOM Technology.

4. Privacy secrecy statement

1). If you provide the personal information you need to register, it means that you  have already known and accepted your personal information for the specific purpose of using it. JIACOM Technology will in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the state, take measures to ensure the security of your information.

2). In the case of law stipulate, such as the judicial authority, regulatory agencies and other government agencies request, it is possible for JIACOM Technology to provide your related information.

5. Third Links

This website may retain links to third party sites or web sites, access to these links will be determined by the user own, JIACOM Technology does not guarantee  the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency, and reliability of any information, data, views, pictures, representations or recommendations provided on these links. JIACOM Technology provides these links is only to provide convenient, and does not mean that JIACOM Technology recognized and recommended the information, also is not for publicity or advertising purposes. The linked sites are not under JIACOM Technology site control, JIACOM Technology does not assume to any compensation for this kind of link brings the direct, indirect and the incidental consequences.

6. Applicable Law Statement

The relevant acts of accessing , using this site and any disputes arising therefrom is subject to the laws of the People's Republic of China.