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Blood Glucose Meter


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Product name: Blood Glucose Meter

Model: BGM506

Size: 53*90*24mm

Weight: 48g

Sample: whole blood

Test site: Fingertip, forearm

Measurement range: 20-600mg/dL(1.1-33.3mmol/L)

Measurement time: 6 Secs

Blood volume: 1uL

Batteries: 3V (CR2032 button battery)

Memory: 500 sets memory

Storage/transport temperature: -20-55℃

Storage/transport humidity: 10-85% RH

Packing List

Packing type: cartons

Qty per CTN: 50pcs

Dimension: 49*21.5*30.5cm

Gross Weight: 6 kgs

Net Weight: 5 kgs

Qty per Container: 43750pcs/20FT  90625pcs/40FT

P.S:Estimated actual available CBM  20Ft=28cbm  40Ft=58cbm


1. JIACOM will be responsible for defects in workmanship and materials and the problem is due to quality of the product if the user use the product exactly according to the manual and in the period of the warranty.

2. Warranty period: 2 years from shipment date, exclude packing material, disposable and battery.