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[JIACOM Group] 2018CMEF Shanghai Spring Medical

Source:   Published on:2018-04-20


The expo was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from April 11 to 14, 2018. On the first day of the exhibition, there was a surging crowd. Both the staff at the booth and the people participating in the exhibition were enthusiastic.

In the exhibition, various excellent products produced by JIACOM Technology Co., Ltd. have attracted the attention of many audiences, and the audience who came to consult is also in an endless stream.

The staff enthusiastically answered the questions for the audience

The staff took a group photo after communicating with the audience

For a long time, the excellent product quality and good reputation in the industry have attracted the attention of JIACOM Group's products. Especially in recent years, the brand influence and brand value of JIACOM Group have been further improved! The world's first all-in-one blood pressure and forehead temperature machine, blood pressure and blood sugar all-in-one machine. At the exhibition site, many agents came here, actively inquiring and seeking cooperation

Won the German Red Dot Design Award

The first one is the two functions of blood pressure and forehead temperature combined into one, one machine for two purposes, can be switched at will; the single function is used independently, making the measurement user-friendly and reducing the tedious learning process for parents to use the product;

The second all-in-one machine perfectly integrates the three functions of blood pressure/blood sugar/heart rhythm through ingenious structural optimization design, allowing you to fully enjoy the new healthy world brought about by technological innovation.