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The culprit of high blood pressure is not salt,

Source:   Published on:2019-08-15


Everyone knows that eating too much salt

increases the risk of high blood pressure

But you know what?

The real killer of high blood pressure

The culprit is not salt!

It's the sodium in the salt!

Sodium! sodium! sodium!

Today, Jia Kang will take you to see

What should hypertensive patients eat?

Daily salt intake for adults

No more than 6 grams ≈ 2400 mg of sodium

If you want to prevent high blood pressure

Sodium should preferably not exceed 2000 mg

How to eat every day without exceeding the standard?

Please keep this form

Look at the "salt" content of various foods

friends who like snacks

If you feel that a single food table is not enough for reference

Then make it a good habit to check the "Nutrition Facts List"

Foods with sodium content >30% NRV need to be purchased and eaten less!

Clinical practice has proved that the earlier the blood pressure is detected, the better the treatment. If the treatment is timely, the blood pressure can be restored to the normal state. Therefore, hypertensive patients should regularly record their blood pressure changes to facilitate treatment. You can prepare an Ieko sphygmomanometer at home to accurately detect blood pressure conditions. Iekang blood glucose and blood pressure all-in-one machine is more suitable for patients with both blood sugar and high blood pressure!


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