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JIACOM Medical | Build a national brand

Source:   Published on:2019-08-21


In today's China, more and more people are paying attention to: product quality.

With the improvement of the cultural self-confidence of the Chinese people and the upgrading of the quality of domestic products, more and more consumers realize that the glory of other places that they needed to look up to in the past is now their own scenery. After years of reform and opening up and development and innovation, the quality of domestic products has reached or even exceeded the international level.

"As long as your product is doing well, you don't have to worry about not having followers." This theory is equally applicable in the field of home medical devices, and it is related to health issues, and the requirements are even more stringent.

As a leader in the domestic high-end home medical device industry, it is the guardian of accurate home health monitoring. JIACOM cooperates with China's top 100 chain pharmacies, and with the help of the sales network of the top 100 chain pharmacies, vigorously promotes and popularizes home health services, promotes self-monitoring of household medical devices, self-measures blood pressure, blood sugar, and body temperature, and implements self-health management;

JIACOM has joined more than 10 industry associations and organizations, and has successively obtained CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration), EU CE, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), ISO13485 and many other product certifications and management system certifications.

JIACOM has been adhering to "innovative thinking as the guide" for many years, attaches great importance to product technology research and development, has a number of national patented technologies, and makes the best manufactured products, which is no worse than foreign brands.

In 2019, JIACOM successfully launched the all-in-one blood pressure, forehead and temperature machine, blood pressure and blood sugar all-in-one machine, set a new standard for the industry with leading quality, and led the home medical device industry to develop in the direction of quality and innovation.

On the road of practicing the business philosophy of "quality and brand synchronization, enterprise and society win-win", we not only insist on innovation, but also create high-quality new domestic products!

Blood pressure forehead thermometer

Blood pressure and blood sugar all-in-one machine

Mr. Lu Xun once said: "Only the soul of the people is valuable, and only when it is carried forward can China make real progress."

The JIACOM brand is positioned as a "home health monitoring guard", and its products provide high-quality household medical devices with the quality of "accurate measurement and reassurance", making people feel healthy and at ease, and making "JIACOM JIACOM" a global household medical device. famous brand.

In the context of the resurgence of new domestic products, we will inherit traditional culture, promote national self-confidence, demonstrate oriental charm, and build a world-leading and socially respected Chinese household medical device brand.

Only when the measurement is accurate can you rest assured, the guardian of accurate home detection

Shenzhen JIACOM Technology Co., Ltd.

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