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20 years of production and research

We are more professional

Who is JIACOM?

Shenzhen JIACOM Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic medical device supplier in China, focusing on research and development, production, sales and service in the field of home medical devices. The company adheres to people-oriented, continuous innovation, and open cooperation. In the fields of digital blood pressure monitor、infrared thermometer、blood glucose meter and nebulizer, etc., we have built solution advantages from R&D end to sales end,provide competitive solutions、products and services for the OTC market、distributors and end consumers, and are committed to making greater contributions to improving human health and quality of life. At present, JIACOM has more than 500 employees, 40% of whom have a college degree or above. JIACOM products are sold to more than 100 countries around the world, and more than tens of millions of consumers have purchased JIACOM products and services, and the quality has won unanimous praise from users.

What does JIACOM bring to people?

Family health accurate monitoring guardian. Together with customers, JIACOM promotes self-monitoring of home medical devices, self-measures blood pressure, blood sugar, and body temperature, and implements self-health management. It has helped more than tens of millions of people around the world to achieve self-health management. We provide innovative products and services in the early detection, diagnosis and prevention of diseases, so as to alleviate the suffering of diseases and realize self-detection and self-prevention of diseases. JIACOM cooperates with China's top 100 chain pharmacies, and vigorously promotes and popularizes family health services with the help of the sales network of the top 100 chain pharmacies. JIACOM digital blood pressure monitor、 blood glucose meters、thermometers, and nebulizers are helping people improve their health and quality of life. Promote the healthy development of the industry. JIACOM advocates openness, cooperation and win-win, and cooperates with upstream and downstream partners to innovate, expand industrial value, and form a healthy and healthy industrial ecosystem. JIACOM has joined more than 10 industry associations and organizations, and has successively obtained CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration), EU CE, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), ISO13485 and other product certifications and management system certifications. A total of more than 100 patents have been applied for, and many honorary certificates such as "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise" and "National High-tech Enterprise" have been awarded. In emerging hot fields such as Internet medical care and mobile medical care, JIACOM cooperates with industry partners to provide program support for users' telemedicine, and strives to create a new territory of "smart home health" to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

Social responsibility

JIACOM not only creates tax revenue and foreign exchange for the country, but also promotes employment and drives the industrial chain. It has donated cash and medical equipment equivalent to more than 2 million yuan to medical institutions, nursing homes, schools, etc.

"Home Health Monitoring Guard"

As a responsible company, JIACOM is committed to the health of people around the world; in the SARS (SARS) period, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the outbreak of "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome" in South Korea, and other major disasters, JIACOM products are in service. We escort the health of people around the world.JIACOM brand is positioned as "Family Health Monitoring Guard", and the product is "Be Accurated,Be Assured" Provide high-quality home medical equipment, make people feel healthy and at ease, and make "JIACOM " become the world's famous brands of home medical equipment.

Show of power

We are better
  • 2018

    New scene and new atmosphere

  • 2019

    Great corporate values

  • 2019

    First-class product production design

  • 2018

    JIACOM Science and Technology Park

  • 2016

    More than 100 patents and original software code

  • 2016

    Has its own core technology - sensor technology

  • 2016

    Through the international authoritative clinical certification

Corporate purposes

We are more attentive
  • Product inspection

    Provide users with home medical products such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and body temperature.

  • Certification management

    Passed ISO13485, SFDA, EU CE, national high-tech enterprises and other certifications.

  • Service purposes

    Focus on customer needs.

  • Quality policy

    Pursuit of quality, almost demanding

  • Cooperation mechanism

    Mutual benefit and win-win with our customers

  • R & D system

    Demand guides research and development, making JIACOM a brand trusted by consumers