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Website Statement

You are welcome to visit and use the JIACOM Technology website. JIACOM Technology reminds you: In order to better ensure your information security and the property rights of the website, before browsing or using the various services of the JIACOM Technology website, please be sure to read and thoroughly understand this statement. All users who browse this website and related web pages indicate that you accept the following terms. Shenzhen JIACOM Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JIACOM Technology") reserves the right to change these terms at any time. You shall not upload, post or disseminate any material or information that is defamatory, obscene language, obscene words and pictures, or any illegal or harmful to the interests of others through this website. This website statement has multiple language versions. If there is any conflict between the language versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

1. Disclaimer

1. Any materials and information provided on this website are for reference only. JIACOM Technology is not responsible for any loss arising from all or part of the materials on this website or due to reliance on such materials, and you shall be responsible for your own decisions.

2. JIACOM Technology does not make any representations, warranties or approvals for any products, services or information provided on this website, and all products and services sold shall be bound by the company's sales contracts and related terms.

3. Internet transmission may be disrupted, with interruptions, delays or data errors. JIACOM Technology does not assume any responsibility for the inaccuracy or untimely data that may be caused by circumstances beyond the control of JIACOM Technology (including but not limited to failure of communication facilities).

4. If you enter this website through links of other websites, there may be the risk of logging in to the fake JIACOM Technology website. Please use a safe method (such as directly typing the URL in the browser address bar or clicking the correct record in the favorites). URL) to access this website.

5. Local laws may have mandatory provisions on the limitation and exemption of liability. In this case, such mandatory laws shall prevail. If you access this website from a location outside of China, you are responsible for complying with all the laws of your location.

2. Intellectual Property Statement

1. JIACOM Technology owns or jointly owns all intellectual property rights on this website and is protected by relevant intellectual property laws. For the works on this website whose copyright belongs to JIACOM Technology, if you need to quote, excerpt, reprint or use in any other way, you must obtain the written permission of JIACOM Technology. The source and copyright are all marks of JIACOM Technology. For any violation of relevant national laws and regulations, non-compliance with the statement of this website, unauthorized use of the content of this website without the consent of this website, and without indicating the source, JIACOM Technology reserves the right to take legal measures to investigate its responsibility.

2. All trademarks, logos and service marks used and displayed on the website belong to JIACOM Technology or are licensed and protected by law. You may not modify, copy or otherwise use the above trademarks and logos without permission. Any attempt to downplay or vilify the above trademarks and logos is illegal, and JIACOM Technology reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

3. Statement of quotation and reprint

1. Some contents of this website are provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals, and the copyright of these contents belongs to the corresponding providers. This site is quoted, excerpted or reproduced with the permission of the copyright holder. The above content quoted, excerpted or reproduced on this website is only for the communication or reference of the visitors, and the opinions or information in the text have nothing to do with JIACOM Technology.

2. If you want to use the content provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals contained in this website, please contact the copyright owner directly. Any related affairs and legal responsibilities have nothing to do with JIACOM Technology.

4. Privacy Statement

1. If you provide the personal information required for registration, it means that you have understood and accepted the use of your personal information for the specific purpose. JIACOM Technology will take measures to ensure the security of your information in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.

2. Under the circumstances stipulated by law, such as the request of judicial authorities, regulatory agencies and other government agencies, JIACOM Technology may provide your relevant information.

5. Third-party links

This website may retain links to third-party websites or URLs. Access to these links will be made by users themselves. JIACOM Technology does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of any information, data, opinions, pictures, statements or suggestions provided on these links. sufficiency, adequacy and reliability. JIACOM Technology provides these links only for convenience, and does not mean that JIACOM Technology recognizes and recommends these information, nor is it used for publicity or advertising purposes. The linked websites are not under the control of JIACOM Technology's website, and JIACOM Technology does not undertake any compensation for the direct, indirect and incidental consequences of such links.

6. Applicable legal statement

Access to and use of this website and any disputes arising therefrom are bound by the laws of the People's Republic of China.