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There is a group of people like this,

A little success with the past,

Aspire to do something meaningful,

Do what is good for humanity and society.

■Origin ■

In 2002, by chance, Bill's friend gave his daughter under 1 year old an infrared thermometer from a foreign brand to measure her daughter. It can detect fever and cold, and the measurement is extremely fast and accurate, and the measurement result can be obtained in 1 second. Since then, Bill no longer has to worry about his daughter's fever.

Bill's keen business thinking has made Bill interested in this type of medical device products, and believes that such household medical devices must have a broad market in China in the future. It can provide great convenience in the early detection, prevention and diagnosis of diseases, and relieve people's pain. Therefore, Bill began to travel to Silicon Valley in the United States to look for talents in this field and form a team. JIACOM Technology was born. The founding members of the company are all from top medical institutions at home and abroad, and they started their health career here.

Sure enough, it didn't take long before the outbreak of "SARS" (atypical pneumonia) in China in 2003 ravaged the world. Everyone infected with this disease, first of all It is fever, so the sales of infrared thermometers are extremely hot, but Bill's founding team is currently in the process of product development, and the finished product has not yet been launched, but this also meets Bill's early prediction: home medical devices have broad market prospects, from now on, "JIACOM JIACOM ", "MEIYIN" brand started a new journey step by step.


bit by bit
  • 2019

    Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair

  • 2018

    Shanghai Spring Medical Equipment Exhibition

  • 2016

    Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Medical Equipment Autumn Exhibition

  • 2019

    Shanghai Convention Center Medical Equipment Spring Exhibition

  • 2016

    Shanghai Convention Center Medical Equipment Spring Exhibition

  • 2014

    Dubai exhibitor image

  • 2018

    Düsseldorf, Germany

Corporate purposes

we are more attentive
  • product inspection

    Provide users with home medical products such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and body temperature.

  • Certification management

    Passed ISO13485, SFDA, EU CE, national high-tech enterprises and other certifications.

  • Service purposes

    Focus on customer needs.

  • Quality policy

    Pursuit of quality, almost demanding

  • Cooperation mechanism

    Mutual benefit and win-win with our customers

  • R & D system

    Demand guides research and development, making JIACOM a brand trusted by consumers