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Talent Recruitment

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ID Design Engineer


1. Complete product ID design work independently.

2. Cooperate with the structural engineer to complete the project design work.

3. Assist other departments of the company to complete product development work.


1. College degree (inclusive) or above, graduated from industrial design, exterior design and art design and other related majors;

2. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and communication skills, and be able to complete the design work independently;

3. More than 2 years of practical experience in appearance design, and experience in household medical equipment is preferred;

4. Have a certain understanding of product structure, materials and processing technology;

5. Strong hand-painting performance ability, skilled application of PS, AI/CDR, Rhino and other design software;

6. Have an aesthetic foundation, understand human-machine coordination, product color matching, surface treatment, product and market, and the relationship between products and people;